We have two offerings for those seeking to invest in renewable energy projects, which are defined by the investment size and character.  Broadreach 12J is best suited to private or corporate investors, while Broadreach Energy is targeted at institutional investors.

Broadreach 12J is a section 12J venture capital company, focusing on commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftop solar PV and other renewable energy projects.  Given its nature, it is well suited to private or corporate investors who are looking for a tax deductible investment that will produce attractive, stable returns.  Find out more about the benefits that section 12J offers here.


Broadreach 12J is operational and is continuously growing its portfolio.  You can view some of the projects we have invested in to date here.  If you are interested in investing in Broadreach 12J, please make contact with us.






Broadreach Energy was founded to manage our 50% equity participation in a consortium which successfully bid 3 small utility-scale solar PV projects (5MW each) in the government REIPPP process.  Broadreach is currently working towards financial close of all 3 projects.


Building on our REIPPP experience, and with the consolidation of our renewable energy team, Broadreach is looking to expand our portfolio of utility-scale power projects.  We are currently working on a number of projects ranging in capacity from 5 to 10MW, with a mix of government and corporate offtake.  These projects are at various stages of development, from due diligence on opportunities to purchase recently operational plants to earlier stage development.  We do not become involved in true greenfields development, and require at a minimum that the following four elements should be in place in the projects that we support: (1) secure rights to land, (2) a favourable resource area, (3) proximity to a suitable grid access point, and (4) certainty of a bankable customer to purchase power.