Saving money on electricity bills, reducing their carbon footprint and improving business returns are practical reasons clients choose Broadreach as a partner for their renewable energy needs.

Giba Industrial Park

Technology: Fixed-tilt, roof mounted polycrystalline Canadian Solar panels with SolarEdge inverters

Size: 150kWp

Customer: Giba Gorge industrial park

Giba wanted to reduce their electricity bills and exposure to municipal price escalations, whilst achieving their "green" ambitions. Broadreach provided the solution.

Mon Don Estate

Technology: Flush-mounted rooftop polycrystalline Canadian Solar panels with SMA string inverters

Size: 78kWp

Customer: Mon Don Estate fruit farm, packhouse and cold storage

Mon Don Estate needed to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their customers' sustainability requirements . Broadreach, together with its EPC partner, installed a PV system and simplified the farm's overall electrical infrastructure with a simple interconnection solution.

Summerley Court

Technology: Flush mounted rooftop polycrystalline Jinko panels with SolarEdge inverters

Size: 76kWp

Off taker: Summerley Court luxury retirement apartments

Summerley Court wanted to reduce their carbon footprint, and also provide savings on electricity costs to its residents.  Broadreach is currently installing the system at Summerley, to achieve these objectives.

Mbekweni Shopping Centre

Technology: Flush mounted rooftop polycrystalline JA
Solar panels with Ingeteam inverters

Size: 210kWp

Offtaker: Boxer Supermarket (as anchor tenant), plus line stores

The developers of Mbekweni Shopping Centre had a problem – they couldn’t obtain a large enough municipal electricity supply
to allow their project to proceed.  Broadreach solved their problem by integrating solar PV with an advanced power management system - at the same time saving them money and reducing their CO2 footprint.